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The College of Crop and Soil Sciences was one of the six Colleges with which Michael Okpara University of Agriculture started in 1993/1994 Session. The College started with two of the approved five Departments, namely; Department of Agronomy and Department of Crop Protection. In 1999/2000 Session, the Department of Soil Science and Agro climatology was carved out of Agronomy and in 2009; it was changed to Department of Soil Science and Meteorology. The Department of Crop Protection also changed name to Department of Plant Health Management in 2005.

Different people have served the College as Deans at different times including Prof. Izundu F. Ike of the blessed Memory (1994-1997); Dr. P.I. Okocha (1997-1999); Dr. S.O. Emosairue (1999-2000); Prof. A.C. Amadioha (2000-2002); Prof. c.I. Umechuruba (2002- 2004); Prof. F. Ekeleme (2004-2006); Dr. D.A. Okpara (2006-2008); Dr. P.I. Okocha (2008- 2012);  Prof. D.O. Asawalam (2012-2015); Prof. E.N. Ogbodo (2015-2018) and currently Prof. E.F. Asawalam who assumed office on 19th November, 2018. Presently, the College has three functional Departments, namely, Department of Agronomy, Department of Plant Health Management and Department of Soil Science and Meteorology as well as a Research and Training Unit.

The College awards degree of Bachelor of Agriculture (B. Agric.) with options in Agronomy, Plant Health Management and Soil Science and Meteorology. At the graduate level, degrees awarded include Postgraduate Diploma, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in different areas of specialization.

The College provides training in disciplines involving Crop Production, Crop Breeding & Genetics, Crop Protection, Soil Science, Agro-climatology and Biogeography, and also conducts research in these fields which serve as the focal points of its extension activities.  Five Departments are approved for this college;

i)    Crop Genetics and Breeding*    ii)   Agronomy     iii)  Crop Protection (Now Plant Health Management)

iv)  Irrigation and Water Management*     v)   Soil Science and Meteorology

However, for logistical reasons, the College currently operates under three departments;

1. Department of Agronomy

2. Department of Plant Health Management

3. Department of Soil Sciences and Meteorology