History – Soil Science and Meteorology

History - Soil Science and Meteorology

The Department was established in 1994 alongside Agronomy as Soil Science and Agroclimatology but was carved out of Agronomy in 1999/2000 session. It was changed to the Department of Soil  Science and Meteorology in 2009. At various times, different academic staffmembers have headed the Department. These include Professor S. O. Ojeniyi, Professor V. E.Osodeke, Professor D. O. Asawalam, Dr. G. Lekwa, Dr. O. I. Nwachukwu, and now Dr. P. C.Oguike. The Department started with a few students and staff. Now, there are nineteen teaching staff four administrative staff, four technologists, one laboratory supervisor and over two hundred and thirty-two students (including postgraduates). The Department has two Professors, Six Senior Lecturers, Four Lecturers II, Three Assistant Lecturers, Four Graduate Assistants, One Administrative Assistants, One Chief Secretarial Assistant, One Principal Executive Officer and One Head Messenger/Cleaner The first Ph.D in the University was produced by the Department. This Department is located in the College of Crop and Soil Sciences building designated Block K.