Soil Science and Meteorology

DR. Michael Edim Nsor


Welcome to Soil Science and Meteorology Department

On behalf of the Department of Soil Science” the mother” of all Sciences I welcome all to  Soil Science and Meteorology, the bedrock of all Agricultural, Environmental  and land management activities.

According to Jackson (1997), Soil Science is the study of soil as a natural resource which includes soil formation, classification and mapping, bio-physico-chemical and fertility properties of soils. The different branches are Pedology, Edaphology, Soil Chemistry, Soil Physics, Soil Biology (including Microbiology), Soil Mineralogy, Soil Fertility, Soil Conservation and Soil Survey.

We teach Soil Science to produce graduates who are endowed with appropriate knowledge to contribute to global development. Our graduates are equipped with entrepreneurial knowledge which enhances their sense of public responsibility and especially, spirit of self-reliance.

In addition, we inculcate in our students, the ability to understand and appreciate concepts in meteorology and apply meteorological data in the interpretation of environmental issues for ecosystem sustainability and food security