Name:                                                            Rev. Dr. Kingsley Chidi Emeasor

Nationality:                                                  Nigerian

Present Status:                                            Professor

Department\Unit:                                      Plant Health Management



1.     Educational institutions attended (with Dates):

Oboro Secondary School, Ikwuano 1973-1978.

University of Nigeria, Nsukka 1978-1982; 1990-1992; 1994-2005.


2.     Academic\Professional Qualification (with Dates):

West Africa School Certificate 1978; B.Sc. (Hons) Botany\Zoology Combined 2nd Class Lower 1982 (UNN); M.Sc. Entomology 1992 (UNN); Ph.D. Entomology (UNN) 2005.


3.     Certificate Courses: PGDE (1990); IITA Certificate Course on Plantain\Banana Hybrid Delivery (2000); Diploma in Theology (2001)



1.     Previous Work Experience outside MOUAU: Anambra State Education Commission- Master Grade II (1983-1985), Master Grade I (1985-1990), Senior Master (1990-1993 (Enugu State), Principal Class III 1993-1997 Assistant Lecturer 1997-2000 (ABSU).

2.     Work Experience in MOUAU; Lecturer II 2000-2007, Lecturer I, 2007 – 2010, Senior Lecturer 2010 – 2015, Associate Professor 2015 – Date.



Teaching of Crop Protection courses at the graduate and undergraduate  levels. Identification of plant products that have insecticidal properties, formulation of biopesticide, Cereals and legumes entomology, cropping systems entomology and stored-products entomology. Supervision of graduate and undergraduate research projects.


3.     Deputy Dean College of Crop and Soil Sciences; Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, March, 2013 – December, 2015 .

– Acting Head of Department, Department of Plant Health Management, May 2015 – October, 2015.

– Examination Officer, Department of Plant Health Management 2006-2013

– Co-ordinator, Departmental Postgraduate Seminar 2012 – Date.



College of Crop and Soil Sciences Committee on Excellent Performance (Chairman)

College of Crop and Soil Sciences Committee on Recruitment of Academic Staff (Secretary)

Plant Health Management Departmental Committee on Curriculum Review (Member)

Representative of the Dean, Postgraduate School at Oral

Examinations for Ph.D, M.Sc and PGD – in many Departments (2012-Date




Chaplain All Saints Chapel, Umudike 2005-2006

Priest-in-Charge Trinity Methodist Church Amaoba Ime  2007-2012

Priest-in-Charge Christ Methodist Church Amawom 2012- 2015.

Priest-in-Charge Emmanuel Methodist Church, Aro-Ayama October 2015- October 2016.

Priest-in-charge St. Mark’s Methodist Church, Umuokwo October 2016 – Date

Resource Person/lecturer on Examination Ethics for students of College of Natural Resources and Environmental Management (CNREM), College of Animal Science and Animal Production (CASAP) AND College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) (2014/2015) academic session.



Member, Entomological Society of Nigeria (ESN)

Member, Nigeria Society for Plant Protection (NSPP)

Member Biopesticide Society of Nigeria (BSN)



ESN Conferences from 2002 to date

NSPP Conferences 2003 to date

BSN Conference 2014 to date



Research Interest: Biopesticide Formulations, Plant Derived Insecticides (PDI), Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Farming Systems Entomology.



Soccer, Current Affairs, Lawn Tennis, and Scrabble.        




Principles of Crop Protection; Economic Entomology; Insect Pests of Tropical Crops and their control; Pesticides and their Application; Bacterial and Viral Diseases of Tropical Crops; Biology, ecology and control of Vertebrate Pests of crops; Pests/Diseases of Crops and their control; Farm Practice and SIWES.


Insect Morphology and Systematic; Insect Pest of crops; Pest Control and Management; Insect Ecology; Pesticides and their Application. Research Methods in Entomology, Stored Products Entomology, Economic Entomology. Pesticide Toxicology.



(a)     The Effects of Intercropping and Plant Arrangements on the Infestation of cowpea [Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.] by six Major Insect Pests in Nsukka Agroecosystem.

M.Sc Dissertation, Department of Crop Science,

University of Nigeria Nsukka, 1992.

(b)    Studies on the Control of cowpea Bruchid, Callosobruchus maculatus (F.) using Plant Materials and Varietal Resistance.

Ph.D Thesis, Department of Crop Science,

University of Nigeria, Nsukka, 2005



Emeasor, K.C.and Ezueh, M.I. (1997). The influence of companion crops in the control of insect pests of cowpea in intercropping systems. Tropical Agriculture (Trinidad) 74 (4): 285-289.

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