Name:  Dr. (Mrs.) Roseta Chizoba Eneje

Nationality: Nigerian

Date of Assumption of Duty:  20th August 1999

Status on 1st Appointment: Assistant Lecturer

 Present Status:  Senior Lecturer

 Date of Last Promotion: March, 2009

 Date of Confirmation of Appointment: 20th August 2001

 Present Salary: (CONUASS 5/6)

 Department/unit: Soil Science and Meteorology



 Educational Institutions Attended (with Dates):


  1. New Era Girls College, Benin City (1981-1986)

  2. University on Nigeria, Nsukka (1987-1992)

  3. University of Nigeria, Nsukka (1994-1999)

  4. The Abdus Salam International Center for Theoretical Physics, Trieste, Italy (11-29 September 1995)

 5. Institute Of Microbiology, University of Innsbruck, Austria.(May 1997- September 1998)

6. Faculty of Agriculture and Environment, The University of   Sydney, Australia (June 2013- July2013).


Academic /Professional Qualification (with dates):

  1. First school leaving certificate (1986)

  2. B. Agric (Second class Upper) (1992)

  3. M.Sc- Soil Physics/Conservation (1996)

  4. Ph.D- Soil Conservation (1999)


 Certificate Courses:

    1. OND Certificate: “Computer studies and programming” (1993)

    2. Certificate of Participation “College on Soil Physics” (1995)

    3. Certificate of participation “Soil microbial Studies” (1998).

    4. Certificate of participation “Soil Physical Processes in West Africa” 2010.

          5. Certificate of participation “Australian Leaders Award Fellowship (ALAF)  training Programme” 2013


Work Experience

1.   Previous Work Experience outside MOUA

i. Agricultural Officer: Akko Kumo LGA Gombe – Bauchi State, Nigeria (NYSC) 1986-1987

ii. Agricultural Science Teacher; St Thomas Basic Group of Schools  Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria. 1988-1989

iii. Examiner West African Examination Council (1999-2002)

iv. Austrian Academic Exchange Agency (OAD). Research Fellowship. Ph. D  Research focused on soil organic matter pools  in terrestrial ecosystems; use of Biolog ecoplate for community   Physiological profiling and metabolic quotient determination  using Infra-Red gas analysis (1997-1998).

V. Visiting Scientist on sabbatical: Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. (2013-2013).

2. Work Experience in MOUA

 Lecturer II: Department of Soil Science and Meteorology (1999-    1996): Teach undergraduate courses.

 Coordinate departmental results as the Examination officer   for the Department. Examination officer; Department of Soil Science and Meteorology (1999-2001)

    Plan and implement research in soil remediation, organic carbon and waste management and microbial and structural properties of soils.

Lecturer I: Department of Soil Science and Meteorology (2006-2009) Teach graduate and undergraduate courses.

    Coordinate and supervise graduate and undergraduate  student research. Coordinate Departmental Seminar

Senior Lecturer: Department of Soil Science and Meteorology  (2009-till date ) Participation in SIWES courses

    Coordinator UGC 100 level

          Project supervision of graduate and postgraduate students

          Seminar Coordinator; Department of Soil Science and  Meteorology.  (2009-2012).

    Coordinator postgraduate programme for Department of  Soil Science and Meteorology (2011-2012)

          Lectures undergraduate and postgraduate courses

          Project supervision of graduate and postgraduate students.

          Plan and implement research on soil remediation, organic carbon and waste management and microbial and structural properties of soils

Membership of Committees/Bodies:

i. Member: Committee on High Dawn Material College of Crop and   Soil Sciences MOUAU (2007)

ii. Member: Departmental Strategic Planning Committee (2002)

iii. Member: ASUU-MOUAU Electoral Committee (2004, 2006)

iv. Secretary: University Agricultural week planning committee (2005)

v. Treasurer: College of crop and Soil Science SIWES, UGC committee (2006-2008)

vi. Member. : Committee on Generation of Local Service Charter for CCSS and Soil Science and Agro meteorology (2009).

Vii. Patron/ Academic Adviser: Soil Science and Meteorology Students Association of Nigeria (2006-2012)

Viii. Treasurer: Academic Staff Union of Universities MOUA   Chapter. (2009-2012)

IX. Vice Chairman:  Academic Staff Union of Universities, MOUA Co-operative (2010- till date).

X. Chairman Accreditation Committee Department of Soil Science  and Meteorology, MOUAU, (2011).

      Xi. Member Senate committee on results(2011-2012)

      Xii. Member of Senate MOUAU; College Rep. CCSS

      Xiii. Acting Head of Department: Soil Science and Meteorology  intermittent months in 2011 and 2012


 Membership of outside Bodies /Committee:

i. Special Marshall: Federal Road Safety Commission (2008)

ii. Patron/ Academic Adviser: Soil Science and Meteorology  Students Association of Nigeria (2006-2012)

iii. Treasurer: Academic Staff Union of Universities MOUA  Chapter. (2009)

iv. Member: Catholic Women Organization of Nigeria

v. Member: Catholic Charismatic Renewer of Nigeria

vi. Member Sacred Heart Society and Eucharistic Adorers

Membership of Profession Bodies;

i. Third World organization of Women in Science (TWOWS)

     ii.  International Union of Soil Science (IUSS)

     iii. Soil Science Society of Nigeria

iv.  Nigerian Agricultural Society



Journal Articles:

1.     Eneje, R. C. and Mbagwu, J. S. C. 2002. Soil Microbial Biomass and aggregate stability in a tropical ecosystem. Journal of Applied Chemistry and Agricultural Research, Vol. 8:  82-90.

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1.   College on Soil Physics at the Abdus Salam International  Center  for theoretical Physics, Trieste Italy (11-29 September     1995)          Paper presented: The effect of organic amendments on      aggregate stability of tropical soils.

2.     8th Meeting of the International Humic Substance Society Warsaw, Poland (14th September 1996) Paper presented: Physical properties of two tropical soils amended with coal-derived humic substances.

3.     International Symposium on Soil System Behaviour in Time and Space, Vienna, Austria, (19-21st Nov. 1997) Paper presented: Physical properties of tropical soils amended with cowdung and rice-mill wastes.

4.     8th International Symposium on microbial ecology, Halifax Canada, (19-14th  August 1999) Paper presented: Organic amendment effect on C-pools in a tropical agro-ecosystem.

5.     27th Annual conference of the Soil Science Society of Nigeria (5-9th November 2001) Paper presented: Soil Microbial Biomass and aggregate stability in a tropical ecosystem.

6.      39th Annual Conference of the Agricultural Society of Nigeria. (9-13th      October 2005). Papers presented: (I) Biolog Substrate Utilization Assays in  the Rhizosphere of Cassava and Forested Agro-ecosystems. (II) Effect of       Humic Acids on Aggregate Size Distribution of Two Tropical Soils.

7.     33rd Annual Conference of Soil Science Society of Nigeria. (9-13th March, 2009).Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State. Papers presented: (I) Synergistic effect of Poultry manure and saw dust on changes in soil structural indices of a sandy clay loam Ultisol. (II) Algae compost effects on soil nutrient status and aggregate stability.

8.     34th Annual Conference of Soil Science Society of Nigeria. (22-26thth March, 2010). Moor Plantation, Ibadan. Paper presented: Oyster Shell Compost Effect On Physico- Chemical Properties Of An Inland Valley Soil

9.     TWOWS Fourth General Assembly and International Conference: Women Scientists in a Changing World (27-30th June, 2010.  Beijing China). Paper Presented: Monitoring and Management Of Climate Change: Stake Of Third World Women Scientist.

10.     International Workshop on soil Physical Processes in West Africa (20th -29th June, 2011) at IAR ABU Zaria. Nigeria

11.     35th Annual Conference of Soil Science Society of Nigeria (Minna 2011). Paper presented: Physicochemical properties of cocoyam growing soils in Anantigha Calabar-      South Cross River State Nigeria.

12.  “ Pedometrics 2011” Innovations in Pedometrics (30th August -2nd September 2011, in Czech Republic). Poster Presented: Carbon sequestration monitoring; processes and its effect on soil conservation in the tropics.

13.    36th Annual Conference of Soil Science Society of Nigeria (SSSN) (Nsukka, 2012). Paper presented: Effect of off-shore oil     spillage on heavy metal toxicity, fungal and bacterial diversity of a tropical soil.

14.    4th SOM Dynamics symposium in Nanjing, China 2013(5-10th May, 2013) Paper presented: Soil organic matter pools and carbon sequestration in the tropics.

15.    International Training and Study Tours (19th -30th August 2013): “Technology Advances in Agricultural Production and      Fertilization “Organized by the International Fertilizer   Development Center in United States of America.

16.    West African Australian Leaders Award Fellowships program-Round 12 (June –July, 2013): “Mining West African legacy agricultural research to enhance agricultural productivity”.

17.     38th Annual Conference of Soil Science Society of Nigeria (University of Uyo – “Promise 2014”). Paper Presented: “Environmental impact Assessment of Climate Change: Effect on Natural Environment”


   a) Professional reviews of papers for Reputable Journals

          1. Mean Weight Diameter and organic matter of two texturally  contrasting soils subjected to cyclical wetting and drying: Journal of Sustainable Agriculture and Environment,August, 2012

          2. Effect of long-term cattle grazing on structural stability and  some chemical properties of a seasonally flooded vertisol:Journal of Sustainable Agriculture and Environment, August, 2012

          3. Soil water retention infiltration and aggregate stability of a  seasonally flooded vertisol under intensive cattle grazing:  Nigerian Agricultural Journal August 2012

          4. Chemical properties of crude oil polluted soils in Ibeno Local Government Area Akwa Ibom State: Journal of Applied chemistry and agricultural Research 2003

          5. Variations of some soil series on shale parent materials in South Western Nigeria. JAAR, February, 2013.

b) Postgraduate students successfully supervised:

     i. Ukut Asuama Ntikut (MOUA/PG/PGD/1139): The Physico-chemical properties of in land valley soils treated with compost of  oyster shell, goat droppings and poultry droppings. (PG.D. Soil Science, 2008).

    ii. Okpo Uwe Esekak (MOUA/PG/PGD/1128): The physicochemical properties of watter loggeds oils in Anantigha Calabar SouthLGA Cross River State. (PG.D: Soil Science, 2009).

     iii. Ofoegbo Chibisi C. (MOUAU/PG/M. Sc./10/1833) Effect of Humic  acid conditioner in combination with poultry manure and NPK    15:15:15 fertilizer on growth and yield of cassava and soil physicochemical properties. (M. Sc. Soil Physics and Conservation)

c) Current Postgraduate students under supervision

1)    Evans Nwachukwu (MOUAU/PG/M.Sc./101832).  Remediation of spent engine oil and Palm oil mill effluent contaminated soil using microorganism (Pseudomonas fluorescens).

2)    Ukanwa, Ege, Ege (MOUAU/PG/M.Sc/12/2269). Agricultural landuse systems and their influence on soil structure and moisture characteristics in Alayi, Bende North Local Government Area of Abia State.

3)    Samson Iniokio Eluwan (MOUAU/PG/M.Sc/12/2287). Land management systems and its effects on structural properties and sesquioxides  content of soils in South Central states of Nigeria.

4)    Okechi Onwuka (MOUAU/PG/Ph. D/) Erodibility potentials of different land use systems in soils of south eastern Nigeria

5)    Nwosu Ogochukwu C. (MOUAU/PG/Ph. D/): Chemical and structural properties of soils along two toposequence in Abia state

6)    Ihediwa Jacob Onyeaju (MOUAU/PG/Ph.D/SSC/15/6929). Evaluation of the effect of land use on soil erosion of soils formed from three geological formations in eastern Nigeria.

Public Lectures and Seminar

   Eneje Roseta C. 2011. “Soil Physical Processes in West Africa”: Presented  as a college Seminar paper in the College of Crop and soil Sciences, MOUAU.

    Eneje Roseta C. 2012. “God has given you an assignment”: Presented as       invited paper at the Diocesan Women’s Day in Mater Dei Cathedral Parish Umuahia, Abia State.

Extra-Curricular: Reading and Singing

Names and Address of Referees:

1.     Professor, J. O.  Ogunwale . Department of Soil Science, Institute for Agricultural Research Ahmadu Bello University, PMB 1044, Samaru Zaria- Nigeria.


2.     Prof. H. Insam. Institute Fur Mikrobiologie, Universitat Insbruck Technikerstr. 25 A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria. Email

3.     Prof I Y. Amapu. Department of Soil Science, Faculty of Agriculture, ABU Zaria. Tel: 08037000412 ;


4.     Prof P. C. Nnabude. Department of Soil Science and Land Resources Management Nnamdi Azikwe University Awka.

Tel: 07033128992; Email:

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