Admission Requirement – Plant Health Management

Academic Programmes - Plant Health Management

The Department runs a five year programme for the B.Agric Degree with option in Plant Health Management. The 100 Level is devoted to basic Science courses while 200 and 300 Levels is are devoted to general Apiculture courses. In addition from 100 to 300 Level, the student are made to do farm practice. The Industrial Training is done at the 400 Level for a 9 to 12 months period within which students are made to put into practice what they have been taught in the past years. In the 5th (final year), the Students take specialized courses in the Department to qualify them for the Plant Health Management option.

The academic programme of the department is divided into four components, namely:

(i)         Major Courses

(ii)        Required Ancillary Courses

(iii)       General Studies Courses

(iv)       Electives

The major courses are the compulsory courses in the student’s main area of study. Required ancillary courses are compulsory courses in the student’s main or related area of study while the Electives are courses within or outside the student’s main area of study which may be stipulated as compulsory or non-compulsory/optional. The General Studies Courses are also compulsory. The University operates the course credit system. Under the system, departmental programmes are drawn up in such a manner that courses are arranged in progressive order of importance and intensity and assigned weights called credit units. Each course carries 1,2,3 or 4 units to be taught and examined at the end of the course with one semester. No course shall be designed to last more than one semester. However, field and practical work may be organized to last longer or shorter than one semester.


B. Agric degree programme of the University last for five years. A student repeating courses may have to spend a longer period than the minimum required for graduation in his programme. For the normal degree programmes, maximum extension period shall be allowed three years. For a five year programme, therefore, the student will be allowed a maximum of 8 years after which he will be advised to withdraw permanently from the University. Such students will not be allowed at that stage to change programmes. This provision is without prejudice to any concessions which may be granted by the Senate to any student with proven case of prolonged illness. To qualify to more into the 200 Level, 100 Level students must pass with at least a CGPA of 1.00.

Course Structure

Year 1:           Basic Sciences ad General Knowledge

Year 2 & 3:    General Agriculture

Year 4:           Practical year (SIWES)

Year 5:           Degree Options


Joint Matriculation Examination Entry Requirements:

In addition to an acceptable pass in UTME, candidates must have  WASC/GCE ‘O’ Level Credit passes in at least five subjects including English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology and/or Agricultural Sciences, Credit pass in Economics and Geography can also be used. A minimum of a pass in Physics is also required.